Thursday, December 20, 2012

Starting at the beginning of the year our Life Group at church will be doing a study of the book "Generous Justice" by Tim Keller. Just read the introduction but it looks like it is going to be a good study. At our Life Group Christmas party we were playing the game "Loaded Questions". In the game, one person will ask a question and everybody else writes down their answer. Then the asker tries to guess who gave which answer and they get a point for every correct guess. One of the questions to the group was something to the effect of, "What racial stereotype do you regret believing in?" There were some interesting answers. The problem was not that we didn't have answers. The problem was that there were so many answers and nobody wanted to admit some of the stereotypes that they held to be be true. In the introduction to the book, Keller is talking about a time when a Black friend of his called him out for being a racist. He says, "We began to see how, in so many ways, we made our cultural biases into moral principles and then judged people of other races as being inferior." Looking forward to where the discussion of this book will go and how we will apply the principles to practice in life.

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