Thursday, December 20, 2012

Starting at the beginning of the year our Life Group at church will be doing a study of the book "Generous Justice" by Tim Keller. Just read the introduction but it looks like it is going to be a good study. At our Life Group Christmas party we were playing the game "Loaded Questions". In the game, one person will ask a question and everybody else writes down their answer. Then the asker tries to guess who gave which answer and they get a point for every correct guess. One of the questions to the group was something to the effect of, "What racial stereotype do you regret believing in?" There were some interesting answers. The problem was not that we didn't have answers. The problem was that there were so many answers and nobody wanted to admit some of the stereotypes that they held to be be true. In the introduction to the book, Keller is talking about a time when a Black friend of his called him out for being a racist. He says, "We began to see how, in so many ways, we made our cultural biases into moral principles and then judged people of other races as being inferior." Looking forward to where the discussion of this book will go and how we will apply the principles to practice in life.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lap Counter

When I'm swimming I have a hard time keeping track of laps. When asked how far I swam I would answer, "Somewhere between... and..." Call it short attention span, call it ADD. Whatever it is it I would rather be thinking things other than what lap I'm on. I saw this lap counter in a triathlon magazine and my wife was kind enough to buy it for me. Now I know exactly how many laps I did. They have fancy ones that keep track of splits and fastest laps but I only needed one to keep track of laps. Check it out at

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cletus the Fetus

Introducing Cletus the Fetus. I guess it is about 13 weeks along now. For some reason, God, in His infinite wisdom, decided that the world is currently incomplete with my offspring walking the earth. So... here it comes. Watch out world.

Dawnielle is not yet convinced of the quality of the name Cletus. I'm thinking that it will grow on her. I mean really. How could anyone go wrong in life with a name like that?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

THX 1138

I just saw the movie THX 1138. Unless you are a nerd, like me, let me explain. This was one of George Lucas' first movies. Based off of a movie he made while in film school. It was released in 1971 and stars a very young Robert Duvall (Not sure why, but the whole time I pictured him telling Tom Cruise, "There is only so much I can do with a race car.")

Strange movie. Bears a striking resemblance to the movie "The Island". Just another proof that nobody has any original ideas anymore. THX is based in this stale all white underground building where the people are constantly monitored and given medications that keep them from feeling or thinking for themselves in order to be controlled and forced to build a robot police force. The Robert Duvall character stops taking the medication, realizes there is more to life than this, and tries to escape. He ends up being thrown into a prison with no walls, just an endless sea of whiteness. The rest of the move is him running through this world of whiteness looking for a way out.

Not exactly sure what George Lucas was trying to say with this movie. Maybe it was just that we have become a non-feeling, emotionless, blank society that needs to find a way to escape. Maybe it represents a deeper search for meaning or even for God, which is represented by a vague video of a picture of Christ with some prerecorded comforting sayings.

If you are looking for an interesting yet very slow movie with some thought provoking social commentary then check it out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Video

So, our church is doing this promotional thing for a new series on relationships starting on Easter. They are using video and a website as a means to promote the sermon series. I never thought to ask what this was for before I agreed to be a part of it. Never has there been a finer church video since the Dave Jennings School of Rock.

"Relationships" Part 1 from Production on Vimeo.